Acetaminophen Autism Lawsuit. Do I Have a Claim?


Although Tylenol had widely been claimed as safe pain relief, including for expecting mothers, new studies have shown that acetaminophen use during pregnancy carries an increased risk of an autism spectrum disorder in a child. Our legal team at Berg Injury Lawyers in northern California knows that this finding may be concerning to families who have had a child diagnosed with autism or another related developmental disability. Unfortunately, the truth is that Tylenol and other manufacturers of acetaminophen knew or should have known about this increased risk of autism – yet failed to warn families.

If you took Tylenol during your pregnancy and your child was subsequently diagnosed with any type of autism spectrum disorder, you may be entitled to compensation. State and federal laws and regulations require drug manufacturers to inform users of all of the risks of their products. When it comes to warning users, there may be no greater case than to warn an expecting mother and her unborn, vulnerable child. Yet, Tylenol and other manufactures did not do this – as some evidence suggests links between acetaminophen use during a pregnancy and autism in 2018 and possibly even earlier.

 Families who have a child diagnosed with autism or related developmental disabilities may face higher expenses in the care of their child. This includes:

  • ABA therapy
  • Early Intervention
  • Special preschool and secondary schools
  • Water, music, or other related therapies
  • Dietary restrictions due to sensitivities
  • Added expenses for physicians who specialize in autism spectrum disorders
  • Medical equipment or specialized toys to work with children who have “stimming” behaviors, and
  • Other additional and extra expenses that children without autism would not have.

Although most children with autism will live productive lives and have a great prognosis, some will remain in level three – or the most serious level – and require a lifetime of assistance. These cases can be difficult to prove, and require a compassionate and experienced law firm. To learn more about how our experienced personal injury attorneys in northern California at Berg Injury Lawyers can help you, contact us today by dialing 866-928-4640 for a FREE consultation. Or reach out to us through our website at