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Jury to Consider Whether Weather Conditions Negated Negligence in Truck Accident

“Worthy’s tractor-trailer needed more distance to stop than Le Doux’s Ford traveling at the same speed. Because of this key difference, the Court is of the opinion that Le Doux and Worthy were not operating their vehicles under the same circumstances, and thus, the issue of whether the weather conditions may have equally negated the […]

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'March Madness' in Courtroom For Kansas State University, as Judge Allows COVID-19 Class Action to Proceed

A Kansas appeals court has allowed former Kansas State University students’ class action suit against the university to survive, finding the plaintiffs sufficiently pled breach of contract claims over the school’s move to remote learning during the pandemic.         Click Here To Read The Full Article

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Utah Appeals Court: Attorney Owes Duty to Minor Client in Legal Malpractice Claim

“Even assuming the district court correctly found LeBaron was not specifically required, either by court order or otherwise, to deposit Kylie’s settlement funds directly into a trust account—a case-specific determination to be made by the finder of fact at the breach stage of the analysis—it does not follow that LeBaron owed no legal duty to […]

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Following $1.94M Judgment, Federal Judge Slashes Plaintiff's Requested Attorney Fees and Costs by 25%

A federal judge in Maryland adopted a magistrate’s recommendation in full, awarding a plaintiff in a breach-of-contract action $786,565 in fees and costs, approximately 25% less than the requested amount due to apparent duplication of efforts between old and new counsel.         Click Here To Read The Full Article

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First Circuit Certifies Questions to Massachusetts High Court Over Casino Land Contract

“As to the legality of the contract, it is unclear as a matter of law whether the contract is indeed illegal because that matter rests on unresolved issues of Massachusetts law,” stated Judge Gustavo A. Gelpi . “We must underscore that the issues before us involve important questions of state law and public policy with […]

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