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California Law TV® is part of the Law TV® Network, a video driven legal directory that features quality educational videos from some of the state’s premier law firms.

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Some of the key topic areas and attorney types are personal injury attorneys, criminal defense attorneys, divorce and family law attorneys, bankruptcy law attorneys, disability law attorneys, business attorneys, real estate attorneys, estate planning attorneys and workers’ compensation attorneys.

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'Restoring Dignity to Henrietta Lacks': Unjust Enrichment Claim Regarding 'HeLa Cells' May Proceed Against Pharma Company

“Now, Henrietta Lacks’ grandson, Ron Lacks, says Ultragenyx unjustly reaps some of the benefits of the wrongs against his grandmother,” District Judge Deborah L. Boardman said. “Ultragenyx says it has done nothing wrong, and Lacks has no viable claim against it. Today, the court reaches one modest conclusion about this dispute: If what Lacks alleges […]

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Navigating Custody and Control: Ownership of Smartphone Data and Enforcement of Usage Policies

New regulations from the DOJ around the ownership and governance of company data on personal devices are catching up to the way the world actually works. It’s going to make companies’ lives a lot harder — and for precisely the same reason that smartphones have made their lives a lot easier.         Click Here To […]

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