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Judge Awards $48.6 Million to Frontier Airlines in COVID-19 Breach of Contract Suit

U.S. District Judge Louis Stanton held a bench trial in April to determine whether AMCK breached its contract with Frontier. Stanton noted that he had a specific focus on whether AMCK waived its right to timely payment during an April 2020 phone call between executives at the two companies.         Click Here To Read The […]

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DC Circuit Sides With Casino Magnate Stephen Wynn in Foreign Lobbying Case

Citing the D.C. Circuit’s 1987 precedent in United States v. McGoff, “Because Wynn’s duty to register ended almost seven years ago, McGoff dictates that there is no legal basis for the government to compel him to register now, and the district court properly dismissed the case,” Judge Patricia Millett wrote for the appeals court.         […]

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Shielding Law Practices: Mitigating Vendor Risks to Safeguard Client Confidentiality

Because vendors often access clients’ internal systems, customer data, and intellectual property, they will always be a magnet for hackers searching for valuable data. Bad actors will always look for the weak spots in a firm’s defenses, including those deployed by a firm’s vendors and other third parties. And signs point to a growing number […]

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Second Federal Court Enjoins Enforcement of Biden Administration's New Title IX Rules

U.S. District Chief Judge Danny C. Reeves of the Eastern District of Kentucky issued the 93-page opinion Monday in the matter of State of Tennessee v. Cardona, holding that the department redefining “sex” to include gender identity wreaks havoc on Title IX and produces results that Congress could not have intended.         Click Here To […]

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