Dog Bite Laws in California


One of the most traumatic types of personal injury accidents is a dog bite or animal attack. The personal injury attorneys at Berg Injury Lawyers know that this is particularly true for young children, who are statistically more likely to be bitten and seriously injured in a dog bite or animal attack. Unfortunately, insurance adjusters will do everything they can to protect dangerous dogs that harm innocent people – frequently underpaying or even denying valid dog bite claims.

However, California law protects victims and their families after a dog bite or animal attack. In fact, California has some of the strongest laws related to dog bites in the United States. Unlike some other states which require an owner to have prior knowledge of a dog’s propensity to bite, California law holds dog owners strictly liable for a bite or attack when a victim:

  • Is bitten, and
  • Was either in a public place or was lawfully in the private place where the bite occurred.

There are very few exceptions to these rules, most which involve defense lawyers and insurance adjusters blaming the victim for an animal attack. Defendants may also try to claim that there was no dog bite at all, arguing that a dog’s other actions caused a victim’s injuries such as a knock-down or scratch.

But even with this type of defense, California law still allows victims and their families to obtain compensation for animal attacks where dog owners were reckless or careless in handling their dogs. Although this type of claim can be trickier, victims who hire an experienced dog bite lawyer will have a much better chance at recovering compensation for deep lacerations, broken bones, torn muscles, significant scarring, and other types of personal injuries caused by an animal attack.

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