Most Common Types of Construction Accidents and Who is Liable to Pay


One of the most dangerous jobs in America is construction. It is also one of the most important jobs. Despite this, the construction accident attorneys at Berg Injury Lawyers know that far too many workers are needlessly injured or wrongfully killed in preventable workplace accidents. Oftentimes this is due to construction owners, general contractors, or owners and developers who put profit over safety.

Unfortunately, this is not a new concept either. Many of the most common causes of construction accidents are recognized by OSHA, which has identified the top four causes as the “fatal four” or “focus four.” These top four causes disproportionally result in more construction worker injuries or deaths than any of the other causes – combined.

The most common of the “fatal four” are falls. Falls result in more worker injuries or deaths than any other cause of construction accidents. Falls may be caused by a worker losing balance from a height, being knocked off a platform, or falling through an unmarked or unprotected hole in a construction project. Workers are supposed to be offered ropes, harnesses, scaffolding, and other safety equipment to guard against falls, however, some construction companies and owners simply fail to provide these basic safety tools to workers.

The next most common “fatal four” accident is known as a struck-by or hit-by an object. This type of accident includes being hit by a dropped object like a hammer or debris from another worker or a crane, as well as being hit by an object such as a counterweight on a crane, a construction truck, or a collapsing structure.

Next, caught in-betweens are another one of the “fatal four.” This type of accident occurs when a worker is crushed or caught in-between objects at a construction site. This could occur in a structure collapse, but could also occur when a worker is in a trench which collapses. Caught in-between can also occur when a worker is sucked into machinery, like conveyer belts or processing equipment which could cause serious personal injuries or death.

Finally, the last of the “fatal four” are due to electrocutions. Not only does this include striking wires above in the air or digging below the ground into lines, but also due to extension cords and machinery which gets wet and conducts electricity.

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