What to do After a Dog Bite Incident



One of the most traumatic types of personal injury incidents is a dog bite or animal attack. Unfortunately, the dog bite attorneys at Berg Injury Lawyers know that it is often young children who are most likely to be attacked and who are most likely to sustain significant and disabling injuries. Sadly, children also make up a disproportional amount of those wrongfully killed in dog bite attacks. Despite this, dog owners and their insurance carriers will do everything in their power to blame the victim – to blame a child – for that dog’s vicious attack.

This is not acceptable.

That’s why victims and their families need to hire an experienced and aggressive dog bite attorney in northern California to fight back. In addition to hiring Berg Injury Lawyers, some of the immediate steps that a victim and his or her family can take include the following:

  • Initially, get to safety if the dog is still a possible threat – that includes going into a house, vehicle, or climb up onto a fence, tree, vehicle, or another structure
  • Call 911 and request the police and an ambulance
  • Apply first aid while you wait for help
  • Obtain the information of the dog handler and the dog owner (it might not be the same person)
  • Take photographs or videos of the dog and the handler or owner, as well as the scene, your injuries, and any signs of a struggle or damage at the scene
  • Get evaluated by first responders and go to the hospital if it is recommended
  • Do not sign anything with any insurance adjuster or accept any check
  • Contact an experienced dog bite attorney immediately
  • Stop or significantly limit any posts on social media, especially related to the animal attack or your treatment, but really anything about your life until your case has settled

If you or a loved one, especially your child, has been injured in any type of dog bite or animal attack, you should know that there are ways to get your medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering reimbursed under California law. To learn more about how our experienced dog bite attorneys in northern California at Berg Injury Lawyers can help you, contact us today by dialing 866-928-4640 for a FREE consultation. Or reach out to us through our website at berginjurylawyers.com.