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Topics are often reflective of commonly asked legal questions and provide helpful insights and answers. The legal website also includes an attorney directory, legal glossary and both local and national blog feeds. Some of the key topic areas and attorney types are personal injury attorneys, criminal defense attorneys, divorce and family law attorneys, bankruptcy law attorneys, disability law attorneys, business attorneys, real estate attorneys, estate planning attorneys and workers’ compensation attorneys.

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A Notice to Prospective Jurors Hints at What Might Be Next for Connecticut Jury Trials

“One, people will not pay attention,” said Robert Mitchell, a partner with Mitchell & Sheahan on why remote jury trials won’t work. “Two, the court will not have real control over the jury. And three, there is a certain majesty involved with being in the courthouse, and you can’t repeat that by being in the […]

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How I Made Partner: 'Owning a Cross-Fit Gym Impacted How I Practice Law and the Importance of Understanding a Clients Goals,' Says Becky Greenfield of Wolfe Pincavage

“Through my experience, I’ve learned that you must identify your strengths to demonstrate the various ways you provide value to the firm, whether that is by increasing the firm’s community initiatives or developing strong networking circles that will bring in new business to the firm.”         Click Here To Read The Full Article

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'There's Still a Question About His Agenda': The Reelection Hurdles Facing Philadelphia's Progressive Incumbent DA Larry Krasner

As the Democratic primary looms for the Philadelphia district attorney’s race, the city Democratic Party’s decision not to endorse incumbent Larry Krasner or any other candidate certainly does not help his reelection bid. But it may not be his campaign’s biggest challenge.         Click Here To Read The Full Article

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