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Critical Mass by Law.com's Amanda Bronstad: Bellwether Trials in Mass Torts Are Back — With Masks and Plexiglass. Judges Join The Diversity Discussion in MDL Leadership.

COVID-19 case counts notwithstanding, mass tort trials have resumed in cases involving talcum powder, Risperdal, hernia mesh and earplugs. Judges in multidistrict litigation are paying attention to diversity on leadership committees — and how its members get compensated         Click Here To Read The Full Article

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What's Next: Lessons From a Cyberattack Trial + Discovery Fight Focuses on Riot Games' PR Tacts + 9th Circuit Says Judge Misstated Record in Google Privacy Issue

Tim Shields, an attorney with Kelley Kronenberg in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, spoke to What’s Next about the current state of the flourishing criminal industry of cyberattacks, and how lawyers such as him are helping clients navigate safety precautions and practices.         Click Here To Read The Full Article

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Two Ohio Counties Want Unvaccinated Jurors Kicked From Upcoming Opioid Trial

Lawyers for two Ohio counties filed a Sept. 21 bench brief asking a federal judge to exclude 39 unvaccinated jurors from an Oct. 4 trial that seeks to hold several pharmacies accountable for the opioid crisis. “A significant number of potential jurors indicated on their questionnaires that they would not feel comfortable or safe serving […]

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