Port Catheter Lawsuit. Do I Have a Claim?



Defective port catheters are the last thing that a person undergoing cancer treatment or other major medical treatment wants to think about. Unfortunately, attorneys at Berg Injury Lawyers in northern California know that port catheter lawsuits are on the rise, especially against the makers of Bard PowerPort and other similar brands. Some of the patients experiencing the complications of defective port catheters may suffer dangerous complications that could be life-changing and even life-threatening, whereas other patients could suffer extreme pain and suffering.

Although the complications are sometimes catastrophic, it can be difficult to determine whether a patient has a potential port catheter claim without the help of an experienced personal injury lawyer. That’s often because this area of medicine is very complicated and the evidence of the defective port catheter is controlled by the surgeon or clinic who placed it – and who also has an interest in there not being a defect that could expose him or her to liability.

Therefore, it is important for patients with a port catheter and their families to be aware of the possible signs of a defective port catheter. Some of the most common warning signs or indications include the following:

  • The port breaking into pieces or suffering a fracture
  • The catheter breaking into multiple pieces, cracking, or suffering any type of fracture
  • Infections, especially repeated infections in the same location
  • Blood clots or signs of blood clots like pulmonary embolisms, strokes (including mini-strokes), or heart attacks
  • Heart arrhythmia
  • Aortic dissections
  • Sepsis or widespread blood infections
  • Extreme pain, and
  • Other signs that are abnormal, alarming, or that were not discussed as a normal complication from your doctor.

Whenever you experience one or more of these symptoms, or if you have experienced any other type of abnormal symptom while you have a port catheter, you may have a possible claim to compensation under California law. To learn more about how our experienced personal injury attorneys in northern California at Berg Injury Lawyers can help you, contact us today by dialing 866-928-4640 for a FREE consultation. Or reach out to us through our website at berginjurylawyers.com.