Driverless Car Accidents


Driverless cars are not just a thing of the future, but are here now and rapidly becoming more common. Unfortunately, the car accident attorneys at Berg Injury Lawyers know that driverless cars do not necessarily mean safer cars. Although these newer vehicles may have more safety features than older vehicles, there are still serious or catastrophic traffic accidents involving driverless cars.

There are a few reasons for this.

First, the technology is new and still being refined, developed, and improved. Some driving systems are even in “beta” phases, meaning that they are still being tested. Thus, some car accidents involving driverless car accidents in California are simply caused by technology issues.

Second, drivers are over-relying on this technology. Despite there being more safety features and excitement around these new products, drivers are forgetting that they are still ultimately responsible for the safe operation of their motor vehicles. Thus, many driverless car accidents are occurring due to drivers who completely neglect to drive in a reasonably safe manner.

Third, defective maintenance or repairs can still cause driverless car accidents due to blown tires, steering column failures, or faulty brakes. California law requires all drivers to reasonably inspect and maintain their vehicles. When they fail to do that, even the best technology can still fail.

Finally, driverless car accidents can occur for a multitude of other reasons which cannot be avoided. This includes due to roadway defects or negligent designs, inclement weather, or from other reckless drivers who drive drunk, distracted, or otherwise violate the traffic laws. Indeed, no amount of technology can effectively prevent or guard against the negligence of others.

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